Suppliers of Leather Hides and Automotive Car Upholstery South Africa

We, at Philton Autotrim, take pride in supplying you with the highest quality car upholstery in South Africa both technically and in our craftsmanship. Our dedicated staff has the highest level of technical expertise. This, coupled with the latest and finest equipment, ensures that our craftsmanship is in a class all of its own. As a result, you, the customer are rewarded with the finest car upholstery, service and work available.

Our leather (for our seat covers) is imported from Italy because of its colour consistency, softness and quality of manufacture. Our Italian Leather agents, Bonuzzi Leather Brokers ( are able to assist in procuring almost all furniture and automotive leather. Our main leather supplier is Conceria Pasubio.(

We also work closely with our partners on both product development and quality assurance, making sure that you always get the highest standard of workmanship and service.

seat covers


seat covers


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South Africa’s premier manufacturer and fitter of leather upholstery


All Philton Autotrim products come with our standard 12- month warranty against all and any manufacturing defects.

Normally, orders are dispatched within 48 hours either by road or air (C.I.F) to the customer’s nearest airport, or if the customer so wishes, to an alternative address of their choice. Our extremely fast response time is due to the consistently high level of co-operation that we achieve with our customers.


All Philton Autotrim products are available in a variety of leather and thread colours. All standard colours are available, and for those who want to personalise their products, other colours are available on request.


Philton Autotrim also manufactures non-automotive products that make use of the precision of the cutting machine and sewing operation.